Tiny Bunny 🔪serial killer🔪

bisexual / vegetarian / obsessed with serial killers and real crime.

tumblr always focusses on the ‘good’ things beyonce does, but they never acknowledge the fact she said she supports fur farming and doesn’t care if animals feel pain when they’re killed to make her fur coats.

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The girl who had a crush on the same guy as me just uploaded a picture of them at prom together SUCK MY ASS BITCH

doki-doll: You're really cool and pretty ;u;

Thank you omg 💕

bandsandothercoolstuffiguess: Who's your favorite serial killer?

I don’t have a ‘favourite’ because saying I have a favourite serial killer trivialises the actions that they have done. I am most interested in Ted Bundy, or the Columbine Killers (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold)

Anonymous: You have nice eyes and a nice blog :)

Aw thank you! :-)